Replace T15 w16w led canbus bulbs for reserve light

I have actually brought w16w led canbus bulbs for my reserve light. There is no doubt that reserve light is a vital part of any kind of automobile. We can mount aftermarket led bulb as my book light for a white radiance as opposed to the plain shade that the car presented of the factory with. I am currently sharing my experience of setting up w16w led canbus T15 for get light.


  • Open up the trunk as well as get rid of the pins, they always keep a hang on the trunk lining.


After getting rid of the pins, learn the reserve light bulb placement as well as pull it out off the connection. We will observe the factory halogen light bulb.


Instead of the manufacturing facility light bulbs, mount the brand-new T15 the best w16w LED Canbus bulbs specifically in the same location as the old light bulbs were gotten rid of. Remember to earn sure to examine the light bulbs before fixing them in.


Put the led bulb into the light housing carefully and also the installment is done. Finally checking whether the lights are functioning effectively or otherwise, activate the automobile's ignition and also move the gear to see if the lights are operating job properly or otherwise.


If not, merely eliminate and rotate the adapter and placed it back in position. Due to the fact that the led bulbs are polarity sensitive, they have to be linked correctly in the setting up so that they are full in brighten.

How to change backup light

Take the w16w led canbus bulb as a reverse light bulb for example, easily comply with the below actions to replace a back-up light, it is comparable on many vehicles. The initial point to do is to recognize which one of the light bulbs is the reverse light of the light real estate. The reverse light is typically clear and also white.


  • Remove the tray and utilize a wrench to get rid of the nuts.
  • When eliminating all the nuts, drawing on the cover, you can find where the get light setting is.
  • To get rid of the bulb, simply bent the connection and also draw it out. Draw the bulb out off the connection. You could see the factory halogen light bulb.
  • Set up the w16w led canbus light bulb for instance, it is easy to plug and also play. Plugging in the connection and it is done.
  • Put the led bulb right into the light housing carefully and also the installation done. Ultimately complete all the nuts back into the initial places.


When the setup is done, we should test whether the backup easy work typically. By evaluating the light, we do not recommend to switch on the car, due to the fact that it is dangerous. Maintaining the auto off as well as put the switch on, like you gonna transform it on, as well as simply put the reverse and also gear, the bulb should turn on. Making certain the bulb is entirely in brighten.